Sunday, April 17, 2011


While stumbling this weekend I came across a website I am unfamiliar with. Because I thought it was pretty cool I decided to write this weeks blog post over the specific website. The website is called Bebo and it's a social networking site that allows users to share pretty much anything. It has almost all of the capabilities both Myspace and Facebook provide but with additional features!
Bebo allows users to customize the background of their page, add music and videos the user is interested in, add pictures, and comment on friend’s posts. Bebo users can also blog, play games and share information about themselves! Users can even generate questionnaires, or polls to share with their friends. Like most forms of social media you can choose to make your profile private or public, and can send personal messages to anyone you would like.
Bebo is an acronym meaning blog early, bog often and was launched in 2005.
This website seemed pretty interesting to me and I was surprised that I had never heard of it before. I believe the reason why I have not heard of it before might be because Bebo users are quite young.
I will have to look into this social networking website some more, and maybe one day I will even make myself a Bebo account

Picture from Media Explored


  1. Bebo! I actually have a Bebo account from back around 2007. My friend took part in this contest to pick post high school students to take part in a reality show (ish) thing in which they traveled the world on a Gap Year. She actually ended up in the final 4 possible students from the UK.

    From what I gathered while playing around with Bebo it is much more popular in Europe specifically the UK, France, Germany area then in the US. I stopped using it after my friends contest but its interesting to hear its still around and perhaps going strong.

  2. I had the same initial reaction as Marion when I saw your post. I had a Bebo account 5 years ago to keep in touch with my friends in Europe, because back then they used Bebo and the US used Facebook. I remember not liking it very much; I thought it was too complicated to set up. I also remember that friends tried to resist the move into Facebook because Bebo was still popular, but they all eventually conformed. I had figured that this site had disappeared but I’m surprised that it is still around and has been able to adapt with the changes in social media.