Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time For Some More Groundswell

This week's reading was over chapters 12-18 in Engage.

The first topic I found interesting was over real-time Internet searches. Real-time web helps users during searches to find the most recent and relevant information that is currently available. It is helping people save time and captivating their attention one detailed search at a time. 

Brian Solis explains this as "real-time web serves as a telltale source for trends and represents a leading indicator for any topic related to your interests or business." Now that's pretty cool!

Solis also talks about the evolution of media and communication in chapter 15 calling it, "perpetual and timeless." Social media is a very influential tool for business’ it can be a huge help but also show a lot of a company’s flaws because people can make their own decisions on your own page. 

People will make judgments based upon what other people are saying on your own personal page as well. It is important for a company to be monitoring these things. Brian Solis says, "Transformation begins with observation."

Solis even recommends creating a social media handbook for your business with a list of guidelines and rules.  If a company does these things monitoring and being careful about how their social media is being run, then they are successfully using this tool. 

In reality what you say about your own company is not the only thing that matters in the world of social media. What others are saying is just as important, if not more important! People have conversations and listen to word of mouth more than a statement directly from a brand. So it is imperative for companies to be actively listening and observing!

"Active listening resulting information engagement plants seeds that flourish into meaningful conversations and relationships."

Photo from Changes in the Languages of the Web

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