Sunday, April 3, 2011

Communicating With Your Audience

This week our class read chapters 6-12 of Engage by Brian Solis. In these chapters Solis shares new information but by tying it in with information we have learned from previously read chapters.

If a brand creates a social media account for their company it is imperative that the company focuses on gaining an audience in an effective and personal way, and then hold that attention for as long as possible. Without keeping the audience having a social media account for a business is worthless.

Social media allows users to connect with almost everyone, but this is not as easy as it sounds. “Everything requires promoting through consistent and vigorous acts of connecting profiles and pages.” If a business is using social media they need to be constantly involved and updating their site.

Brian Solis says using groups seems to be extremely effective in helping your audience to connect with your product or company. Micronetworks like Twitter is an easy way to do this. Brands can share information with large groups of people quick and efficiently.

Solis also explains how apps can be extremely effective for broadening network communities.  I have never heard of a company using apps but after reading more about this, it seemed like a very compelling idea!

Solis explains again and again how a conversation with your audience is the most important key to having a successful social media presence! However, in order to gain an audience tags and headlines are a great way to make your page and information visible to the huge online presence today.

I was surprised to hear that “less is more” regarding social media. Whether that means a brand creates multiple small accounts or not, this is important. Solis says ask yourself, “who do you want to be as defined by different groups of people with whom you wish to connect over time.”

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